We have had a great opportunity this past year to "Join God in our Neighborhood". To pray, to help and to learn as well.

Local Missions

Twelve Baskets Food Bank, Nictaux
Filling blessing bags, stocking shelves, packing groceries, donating food and money and providing knitted and crochet items.

The Heart of the Valley Care Facility, Middleton
Having a worship service every 5 weeks with the residents, supporting their activity fund and providing Valentine treats for the staff.

Local Hospitals
Donating baby hats, finger puppets and comfort dolls to the IWK in Halifax. Baby hats and finger puppets to the Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville. Finger puppets for Soldiers memorial Hospital in Middleton.

Our Community
A "Giveaway Day" where our local communities can find clothing, linens and fabric at no cost.
Providing sandwiches for the Relay for Life.
Supporting the Breakfast Programs at MRHS and AEES.
Helping 2 families in their journey with cancer.
Giving "Gift Cards" to help exploited youth at the "Open Door Centre" in Halifax.

Foreign Missions

We support The Sibomana Family and the Bustin Family in Africa through prayer and financially with Canadian Baptist Ministries.

World Vision and PLAN Canada have given us the opportunity to help the community and families of Annie and Nagnouma.