What's Happening:

The Christmas Eve service will be on December 24, 2018 at 7:00pm.

We will be holding a New Year's Eve Games Night from 7-9pm in the CFC. Bring along your favorite game. Friends and snacks are welcome.

Ministry of the Month for December is the Canadian Bible Society.
Formally founded in 1904, the Canadian Bible Society is a member of the United Bibles Societies, a fellowship of 145 national Bible societies around the world. The societies work in partnership with churches and other Bible agencies to facilitate and support translation and Scripture distribution work around the globe. Your gift will help share the life-changing Word of God to those who need it most!

This year’s annual reports are due by December 30. Please hand your reports to Bonny Colburne, typed if possible, by this date.

Storm Information
In the event of a winter storm our Worship Service may be cancelled or rescheduled. If rescheduled it will be for the Saturday evening prior to the forecasted storm or the Sunday evening following the forecasted storm. To inquire about a cancellation or rescheduling you can contact one of the following people: Keith Morse, Bonny Colburne, Darlene Cross, or Pastor Bill. It may also be helpful to check the AVR cancellation information.

Bulletin Sponsorship: If you wish to sponsor/donate any weekly and/or special bulletins, please contact either Gerri or Nelly to reserve a date. Cost of the bulletins is $15.

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