What's Happening:

We are very excited to Welcome Pastor Jeff and Charlene Milne to our church family and community.

The Ministry of the month for September is Acadia Divinity College (ADC)
Acadia Divinity College welcomes women and men from all church backgrounds to study in an innovative and warmly evangelical community. Our mission is to equip Christian leaders for diverse ministries, and we currently have students registered from over 20 denominations, and from over 20 countries. Every gift not only provides us with the resources to fulfill this mission, but it also serves to encourage our faculty, staff and students in the work God has called us to. Thank you for your donation.!

Bulletin Sponsorship: If you wish to sponsor/donate any weekly and/or special bulletins, please contact either Gerri or Nelly to reserve a date. Cost of the bulletins is $15.

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