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The Ministry of the month for May is Halifax Hospitals Baptist Chaplaincy
Many people from across Atlantic Canada face daily challenges in Halifax hospitals. Many of them are far from home and removed from spiritual resources of church and Pastor. Some have not been to church in years, or struggle with faith in God and their relationship with the church. Chaplains can provide a mission outreach to them all. Baptist Hospital Chaplains are there waiting to listen, care, and love in Christ’s name on behalf of the churches of the Halifax Region United Baptist Association and the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. Financial support has been a recurring issue as the chaplaincies do not receive any government funding and must rely on donations from our churches and other individuals.

Bulletin Sponsorship: If you wish to sponsor/donate any weekly and/or special bulletins, please contact either Gerri or Nelly to reserve a date. Cost of the bulletins is $15.

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